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"Society's new revolutionaries" - The Straits Times


Lorong Boys


The Lorong Boys are 5 award-winning Singaporean musicians who are equally comfortable playing on the hallowed stage of the concert hall as they are on the streets of the heartland. Founded in 2014 while they were all schoolmates at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (National University of Singapore), this quintet was born out of a deep friendship and a shared love for music.

They burst onto the Singapore music scene in May 2014, when their spontaneous performance on the MRT train went viral on social media. Since then, their group energy, spontaneity and love for sharing music have brought them on many adventures, including performance tours to various parts of Indonesia, multiple features on almost every TV channel and radio stations in Singapore, performances at the Esplanade, President's Star Charity 2015, Singapore Night Festival, opening and closing performances at the SG50 Concert Series in the Park, and a feature in the SG50 Gift of Song music video, amongst many others.  

Recently, they have also found a passion in music education, inspiring the younger generation through their interactive and innovative workshops in schools. 

As an ensemble, Lorong Boys has a wide range of musical styles, ranging from classical music to the musical numbers of Broadway Street to today's Top 40 Pop Charts.  

Lorong Boys are supported by DPA Microphones.

Photos by Nick of Time Productions and Chua Junting.  



Piano, Guitar, Composer / Jonathan Shin
Flute / Rit Xu
Violins / David Loke and Gabriel Lee
Drums & Percussion / Joachim Lim





10pm, 27 & 28 Feb 2018           Chanel Gala @ ArtScience Museum

7:15pm, 4 Mar 2018               Hua Yi Festival 2018 @ Esplanade Concourse